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Congratulations! Whether it’s yours, a friend's or your family’s a wedding is one of the most memorable days.


There will be some lovely wedding photographs, but how about something a little different? A stunning hand-drawn architectural portrait of the wedding venue, with the addition of a photograph of the happy couple, friends or family. Personalised with words of your choice a dona B. wedding venue portrait will bring back memories of the day for years to come.


Why not add one to your wedding list!

  • Take or find a photograph of the venue you want drawn. For Bristol civil ceremony venues I am producing studies from a range of sketches and photographs of my own which will make this step very simple. For venues outside Bristol you will just need to email me your photographs after you submit your order.

  • You will also need a photo of you from the day. If your wedding is in the future then ask someone at the wedding to take a range of photos of you that could be used as shown in the examples here. A 5 megapixel camera or bigger on full resolution should take a good enough image. You will need permission to use them so please ensure your friend or family member is happy with this.




1 Photograph your wedding venue

2 Choose the format

for your print

3 Personalise your artwork

Find or take a photograph of the venue to be hand-drawn.


I will email you after you order so you know where to send them.


If you are unable to take any photographs please get in touch as I may be able to find good images on Google Streetview

Decide whether you want an art print or a canvas, both are available framed or unframed.


Or if you want to give a gift, a voucher is a great choice.


Not sure? Have a look at the Formats available.

Think about the commemorative words you want to add.


Then decide on the colouring options for your print and the style of the text.


Finally, select a frame style to suit your home.


Not sure? Have a look at all the options available.

Three little steps before ordering...

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In a bit more detail...

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