Magic Swindon plywood accessories


The Magic Roundabout in Swindon is a worldwide phenomenon & is either famous or infamous to local Swindonians. I've created a brightly coloured graphic design to represent this unique landmark and have had it printed onto several plywood gifts.

The Magnet is 5cm across and is hand signed on the reverse. Brighten up your fridge or share the fun with a friend.

The Decoration is 5cm across with lime green ribbon threaded through the drilled hole and is hand signed on the reverse. Ideal for the Christmas tree or for a little bit of Swindon decor all year round.

The keyring is 3.5cm across with a clear plastic loop linking to the metal ring and is hand signed on the reverse. This is a great little gift for adding in to a card and for keyring collectors everywhere.

All these accessories are made in the UK and the prices shown include postage and packing.

including P&P


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