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05.06.2016 - 03.07.2016


Made in Swindon Art Trail - various venues


Swindon is 175 years old this year and as part of the celebrations two local artists, David Robinson and Mark Worrall have organised a Made in Swindon Art Trail showcasing the work of a wide range of local artists.


David and Mark needed some help with the symbols for the trail map so I put together 16 little images to represent each of the venues where the Art Trail will be hosted. A fun project and some new skills learned.


My symbols and other donaB artworks are on display at Christ Church Community Centre, Cricklade St, Swindon. The Art Trail is running from 5th June to 3rd July 2016 and please click the photo above for more details.


2016 ongoing


Colouring-in Swindon


Colouring-in has seen an amazing surge in interest in the last couple of years and brings a lot of relaxing and enjoyable benefits to those taking up their pens and pencils.


At the beginning of the year I set up a project with two Swindon artists to see if we could develop a colouring-book for Swindon. It’s been an interesting process so far and we’ve learnt a lot along the way. We are yet to publish a book but we have created some great drawings and had some lovely response to our work so far.


We really hope we can produce Colouring-in Swindon later this year.


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2016 Autumn


Graphic Design for the BDA Museum


Continuing to produce graphics work for the British Dental Association this year has been very satisfying and more and more interesting.


Two display panels were the first commission which involved arranging archive images and text in a way that would compliment the wonderful skulls on loan from the British Museum. So lovely to see them up on show.

Then a design for a pop-up banner to encourage conference delegates to join the Lindsay Society at the AADHC conference in October.


Again great images to work with and I’m told the message was received loud and clear!


2016 BDA

2016 September


Swindon Open Studios


This year saw me taking part in my first Open Studios event in Swindon which is getting more and more popular every year and involves around 50 artists.


Not having a studio that’s accessible to the public I shared exhibition space with 6 other artists at Swindon Central Library.


With our artwork up for a month and two weekends of meet-the-artists we had a fabulous time meeting lots of enthusiastic people and selling some pieces of work too. Can’t wait for next year!


2016 Swindon Open Studios

2016 Winter


Christmas Markets


Christmas markets are always a lot of fun and this year I was also able to include an event in November with Swindon Suffragettes which was lovely and good practice for the main Christmas ones.


Artsite market was just as good if not better in its second year. We had lots of visitors and the mulled wine kept everyone warm on a cold December day. I launched my Swindon Christmas wrap and tags and my Magic Roundabout Christmas decorations and got great response.


Arkells Brewery market was amazing considering we had rain almost all day. Thank you to everyone who came out in it and stopped by our stall. I sold out of decorations so will have to produce more for 2017!

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