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To make this a truly personalised piece of art, your

commemorative print can be presented in a variety of formats.


You can choose either a beautiful art print or canvas, select a style of frame to suit your home or leave unframed. You can change the style of text and even select from either full colour or line drawing options, with delivery included in the price of your artwork.


Or you can leave the recipient of your gift to make their own choices and give them a beautiful dona B drawings gift voucher instead.


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Framed canvas - £100 line drawing or £140 fully coloured

(including postage & packing)


A beautiful way to really show off your unique artwork. Your personalised architectural illustration is giclée printed on high quality fine art cotton cloth stretched over natural wood bars. It is then beautifully mounted in a floater frame: a small gap between canvas and frame shows off the work at its best, giving your artwork a top quality artists’ finish. Your framed canvas comes with easy-to-fit discrete canvas hangers, allowing it to sit flat to your wall. All you need to do is put up a picture hook and your personalised artwork is ready to hang.


Dimensions: approx 26cm x 35cm (depending on framing option selected)


Frame options: choose from elegant white or black,

or classic dark and light natural wood options

Unframed canvas - £80 line drawing or £115 fully coloured

(including postage & packing)


A beautiful artistic presentation with a clean modern feel. Your personalised artwork is giclée printed on high quality fine art stretched cotton cloth. All canvases have a clean white edge to fully display your unique artwork. Your canvas comes with discrete canvas hangers, allowing the artwork to sit flat to your wall.


Dimensions: approx 21cm x 30cm

Framed print - £120 line drawing or £160 fully coloured

(including postage & packing)


A classic presentation for your personalised artwork. Your unique illustration is giclée printed on high quality Somerset Velvet fine art paper. It is then mounted with a single bevel-edged white mount and framed in a range of finishes. Each frame is glazed with clear styrene glazing which is ultra-violet (UV) stabilised to prevent light damage. It is supported by robust backing board and comes ready-fitted with high-tension artist string. All you need to do is put up a picture hook and it’s ready to display.


Dimensions: approx 33cm x 43cm (depending on framing option selected)


Frame options: choose from elegant white or black,

or classic dark and light natural wood options

Unframed print - £75 line drawing or £110 fully coloured

(including postage & packing)


If you would prefer, your giclée print can be left unframed so you can frame it yourself or allow the recipient of your gift to make their own choice. Your personalised artwork comes ready-mounted with a single bevel-edged white mount so it’s ready to frame. Printed on high quality Somerset Velvet fine art paper, it is delivered to you protected by sturdy board in a transparent mount bag. Ready to frame or perfect to give as a gift.


Dimensions: approx 30cm x 40cm

Voucher (priced as per the options above with additional non-personalised options)


For a perfect gift, or if you want to give the recipient the chance to choose the image, framing options or style themselves, you can order a dona B. voucher direct from my Shop page. Select which of the above options you prefer, and let the recipient know they will need to use the Commission page and enter ‘Voucher’ in the 'Event' text box when they place their order.


You will receive a beautifully designed gift voucher giving full details of the gift purchased. It’s an easy way to give something very special to friends or family. I will then explain to them what photographs to take and how the process works when they redeem the voucher. Or why not add a dona B. voucher to your wedding list?

Gift formats

Colour formats

Text formats

Not only can your architectural print be personalised with a photo of the people involved in the big event, you can also add your own text to make it even more special. There are four beautiful text styles to choose from: traditional, modern, script and typewriter. When you place your order, you can select from these options to suit the event, the venue or the recipient.


Font modern copy




Personalised quality


Every print, in every format, is quality checked by a professional print technician. We use local West Country suppliers for all our materials and printing wherever possible. And remember, your print comes personalised with an individual ID number – together we’ve created a unique work of art.

The technical bits

High print quality


Your personalised print, in whichever format, is printed in high definition giclée quality (2880x1440 DPI) to make sure your unique print is crisp, clear and beautifully sharp. DPI stands for ‘dots per inch’ and is a measure of printing quality: the higher the DPI, the better the quality and clarity. Your print is printed using ultra chrome archival long-life inks and coated with an anti-UV coating, both of which help to prevent colour fading or light damage and adding to the life of the image.

Fine art paper 


The lightly-textured 'Somerset Velvet' art paper used for your fine art print (whether framed and unframed) is 255 GSM, to ensure your unique print has a high-quality look and feel. GSM stands for ‘grams per square metre’ and is an indication of material density: the higher the GSM, the better quality the paper. Typical printer paper, for example, is only 80 GSM.

Print mounts


Framed and unframed prints are mounted with a 4.5cm wide ‘snow white’ single bevel-edged sturdy card mount. The bevel edge gives a classic, stylish but unfussy finish to your artwork.



Your framed print comes with crystal clear 2mm styrene glazing. Why not glass? While styrene gives just as clear and stylish a finish as glass, ultra-violet (UV) stabilizers in the styrene absorb many of the damaging UV wavelengths in natural and artificial light helping to prevent colour fading or light damage. Styrene is also much lighter than glass to make it easier to hang, and is shatter resistant too.

Fine art canvas


Your canvas giclée print is on fine art cotton cloth (350GSM) to ensure a high quality finish. This is combined with a special carrier layer which makes sure that structure of the canvas is retained after printing and to prevent sagging over time. This is then stretched over lipped stretcher bars of natural wood to ensure a lasting strong and straight finish. Your canvas does not ‘wrap around’ like some but has a clean white edge to fully display your unique artwork.


Please note: because your artwork is unique, the way our fine art canvases are stretched means it may differ very slightly from the sizes given.



Your framed canvas, unframed canvas or framed print are each supplied with appropriate hangers. Your canvas (whether framed or unframed) is supplied with easy-to-fit CWH1 canvas hangers. Sitting out of sight on the back of the canvas, their grooved inner edge allows for fine adjustment and positioning to ensure the canvas lies flat to your wall. Your framed print is fitted with sturdy zinc D-rings and high-tension artist string, and finished with soft cushion pads. All you need to do is put up a picture hook!

Postage and packing


All items are securely packaged and delivered by recorded delivery to ensure they reach you safely and securely. For postage and packing rates and further details, please see the Terms & Conditions page.

Your photos - quality 


To ensure that the final print is of the highest quality, it’s vital that the digital images you provided are as clear and sharp as possible.


The minimum resolution for your photographs is 1380 x 2070 pixels, producing a digital image of approximately 2.7MB file size. All files should be provided as JPEGs. I may be able to print images at a lower resolution, however a loss of image sharpness must be expected. Image resolution can usually be found in the settings on your digital camera; my best advice is to set your digital camera to its highest possible setting and take a good range of photographs!

Your photos - style


This is your artwork, so take the photos the way you want to see them. However, as a guide I’ve found that the most successful images for this style of artwork are often more relaxed and informal: moving, jumping, walking, dancing, laughing or simply relaxing. Full length images are often best (rather than torsos or heads only) and please remember that the people or person in the image must be standing proud of their surroundings – if there are other people (or arms or legs, or plants!) in the foreground it’ll be tricky to get a clean image. Have a look at the Gallery to see what sort of images other people have chosen. And if you’re in any doubt, please get in touch before the big day.  

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House portrait canvas line drawing



In each of the formats, the hand-drawn architectural design can be presented in one of the following two colour options. Each is presented with the full-colour photograph and text of your choice and with a beautiful, hand-painted watercolour sky.

Fully coloured


Your hand-drawn architectural design is presented in full colour, with a palette artistically chosen to represent the style and character of the building. This is a vibrant, dramatic celebration of a special event and location.

Line drawing


This is a beautifully simple but elegant interpretation. Taking the uncoloured line drawing as its inspiration, this is a true celebration of the hand-drawn nature of the print and the building’s architectural quality.

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