Lockdown Resources 2020


Here are just a few resources to keep you relaxed while we're all in this Covid-19 lockdown period. These are some of my illustrations modified to become colouring-in images and they are here for you to download and print at home. Just click on the image and it will save into your download folder. Use any sorts of things you have to colour them in, sign them, and then share them on social media so I can see the results. If you could tag me and add the hashtag #donaBcolouringin that would be fab.


The empty frame on the right here gives you the chance to create your own colouring in illustration too. You could then post it to a friend or family member to do the colouring-in and spread the fun.


NB. Copyright on my illustrations remains with me and image download is licenced strictly for personal use only.  


I am still posting out orders but only from the 'Letterbox' category in my Shop. Any small purchase would make a big difference to me so do please browse when you have a minute.

Copyright 2013-2020: dona B.

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Copyright 2013-2020: dona B.

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Colouring-in Bristol

Click to download Click to download Click to download Click to download Click to download donaB Colouring in Swindon Lydiard donaB Colouring in Swindon TGardens donaB Colouring in Swindon CCCentre donaB Colouring in Swindon RJMuseum donaB Colouring in Swindon QPark

Colouring-in Swindon